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Experience joyfulness

Bo Frei Agencies set itself out, from the beginning, to be a leading wholesaler and distributor of quality products. This professional family company was founded in 1980 and has grown to be Curaçao’s key distributor with a reliable network in reference to food, beverage and beauty products. Bo Frei Agencies has the vision to continue to be a solid Caribbean distribution company that continuously expands its portfolio of quality products in order to stand the test of time.


This successful business journey began with the distribution of make-up line Caribbean Cosmetics followed by the first cosmetics line for women of color: Flori Roberts Cosmetics. Throughout the years other popular brands like SofN'Free and Frito Lay quickly followed. Today Frito Lay is the #1 snacking choice on Curaçao. At this time, Bo Frei Agencies has a large assortment of brands including Quaker, Design Essentials, Bagley, Bump Patrol, Iam Superjuice and many more. Bo Frei Agencies has also expanded its markets internationally to provide quality products to Bonaire and St. Maarten.


The mission of Bo Frei Agencies is well-thought taking all main stakeholders into account. First, Bo Frei Agencies aims for its customers to experience joyfulness through superior quality products and value. Second, it is a priority to create a stable and enjoyable work environment for the employees to contribute with their part in the process. Last but not least, Bo Frei Agencies has the mission to contribute to the growth of society with focus on its clients’ businesses as the company continues to grow.


The company takes honor in implementing a successful distribution channel that impacts not only its employees but also society at large. Our products can be found in all levels of our community; from the small retailers to the largest establishments. Therefore, it is our client’s businesses that serve as the powerful inspiration to bring joyfulness to our community through quality products. Quality products lead to joyful customers that in turn lead to an increase of purchases which then creates a consistent flow of income that supports steadiness in business for the ownership and work for the employees.


In conclusion, Bo Frei Agencies upholds the highest of all standards by taking the commitment to its clients seriously. Always evolving itself as a trendsetter within the distribution industry to guarantee it will carry the best products on its portfolio to satisfy the demand of its clients. There is still a lot ahead for Bo Frei Agencies as its future shines bright with a lot of brands to discover as the company firmly continues to explore our planet’s sustainability path. With your support Bo Frei Agencies will continue to distribute high quality brands for generations to come.

Our Mission

  1. To add joy to the life of our customers through products with superior quality & value

  2. To create a stable & enjoyable work environment for our employees

  3. To contribute to the growth of society with focus on our clients’ businesses as we grow our company.

Our Values

  • Integrity

  • Quality

  • Forward-thinking (innovation)

  • Teamwork

  • Empowerment

  • Customer Centric

  • Empathy

  • Driven (Bold & Brave)

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