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Frito-Lay is an American subsidiary of PepsiCo that manufactures, markets, and sells corn chips, potato chips, and other snack foods. The primary snack food brands produced under the Frito-Lay name include Fritos corn chips, Cheetos cheese-flavored snacks, Doritos and Tostitos tortilla chips, Lay's and Ruffles potato chips, Rold Gold pretzels.


For over 100 years Quaker Oats, the largest oat company in the world, has been making quality oats products that are simple, satisfying and full of the natural goodness of wholegrain oats.


Popchips is a brand of popped potato and corn products marketed as similar to potato chips. They are manufactured by processing potato starch at high pressure and temperature, in a process similar to that used for puffed rice cakes.


Bagley Argentina S.A. is an Argentine food company with its main plant located in Buenos Aires. Established by U.S.-born entrepreneur Melville Sewell Bagley in 1864, the company (owned by French multinational Danone since 1994) had a wide variety of brands, having specialised in the production of crackers and cookies.


I am Superjuice squeezed all those queens of the fruits for you to experience the flavor wherever you are! To stay as healthy as possible we added some water, so it is not only delicious but low in kcal and sugar as well!  


Pirulin is a brand of creme-filled rolled wafer cookie sold in the United States by the DeBeukelaer Corporation. Piroulines were developed in 1984 by Peter DeBeukelaer. Pirouline cookies are toasted, rolled wafers that are filled with creme and sealed with a cylindrical swirled stripe.

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