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Hair & Body Care

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The Sofn’free Hair Care Range has been created with care to provide you with products that you can trust for the best possible results. Through years of careful research and development, our products have been formulated and refined to ensure that they deliver technologically advanced hair care solutions for you.


For over 28 years, Black Opal has offered award-winning high-quality, high-performance makeup and skincare products for people of color. We are the Celebrity Makeup Artists’ Choice with richly pigmented makeup and dermatologist-approved skincare.


Bump Patrol is a leader in shaving irritation treatment and has been around since 1991. It is normal to experience skin irritation from shaving. For some men, the irritation causes redness while others experience razor bumps. The use of Bump Patrol Aftershaves, soothes the irritation and prevents the inflammation that causes this condition so you can have a smooth shave everyday!


At Design Essentials, we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Our products give you the fresh start you need to keep you crowned with confidence throughout your day.


Brighten your look with our Bronze Blonde colour or opt for a more striking, daring feel to your roots with our Rubino Red or Maroon Mojo shade. Achieve a more vintage look with our Midnight Ink or Sunset Copper shades which would also impress on a first date. Our hair dyes will give an irresistible quality to your hair and best of all, our hair dyes contain natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil to continue to revitalise your hair even after you dye it.


StrongEnds products are enriched with strengthening and hydrating ingredients that increases hair elasticity to prevent breakage.


Revitalizes and refreshes curls and waves imparting body and shine. Prevents breakage and increases elasticity by lubricating hair shaft without build up. 

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